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Brookie's Boxes


A few years ago I found myself in a whirlwind of succulentifying everything around me! So I started a business named Brookie's Boxes. The name came from my business beginning with succulent arrangements in handmade boxes and wine boxes. From there, I began to fill anything any everything. From vintage store finds, to random things laying around and it became an art for me. I began propagating my own succulents and cactus and grew quite an inventory. My hobby turned into a business overnight! 

Photographed below are some of my many creations.

Succulent guidelines:

In my opinion, succulents and cactus are almost impossible to kill, although some of my customers seem to pull it off. These plants require very little water, if they are in soil, use a well draining cactus soil. Water them only when they become completely dry, depending where you place them it could be one to two weeks in between waterings.  If they are water plants, they clearly alredy have their water supply, they just need at minimum, bright indirect light for part of the day. Ideal placement for water plants are inside, on a bay window with bright partially indirect light. For soil plants, they thrive outside, I would say no more then five hours direct sunlight (they can burn) and the rest of the day shaded or indirect light. Do not spray the tops of your succulents/ cactus in direct light, they will burn and rot. Succulents propogate insanely fast, you must remove and replant the "babies" or the entire plant will die. It's so simple, you can cut it off at the base or snap it off and place it in soil or water. Some people beg to differ on immidiatey placing it in soil, others lay it out for a couple days to produce roots, but I have never had a problem placing them as soon as I remove them from the mother. Good luck & happy succulentifying. :)





I am currently taking custom orders, inquire here for pricing & details.

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