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Whimsical Woodlands

Theme - Whimsical Woodlands

Theme - Whimsical Woodlands


Along with my many other hobbies, I consume my spare time with, I frequently create designs or ideas people seem to love. I had a staggering amount of comments and requests regarding the diaper cake I just created for my sisters baby shower. So here are the details for you to indulge your crafting hearts! I will make another one to show you how to create your own.



Diaper cakes are no new surprise, but how you create them is your own art! I crafted my most recent cake with a little twist on the normal cake you'd see at a baby shower. The diaper cakes usually consist of items the mother can use pacifiers, socks, onesies, etc. Another difference is the way the diaper is designed, most diaper cakes consist of rolling each diaper, banding and placing them together. I personally went for a more elegant design, my inspiration was to make it look like a real cake. At first glance, I fooled my boyfriend! The way I fold the diapers side by side is not easy. It takes some time and maneuvering. Once I had the diapers placed in the ballpark area I needed them, I then used fishing line to tighten it up and hold them in place. After it is tied you can adjust the width of the diapers to make them flow. I placed a towel roll on the inside so the three tiers could have some stability. The next layer up just use fewer diapers and the same for the top. I used a box of approximately 100 diapers and searched for the ones with the least designs, ultimately all white. It's better to have more than less, can you imagine running out in the middle of crafting?


I used items from Michaels, if you go to their website, they always have coupon codes that you can scan to discount the majority of your finds. They are very helpful as these accesories can add up! First I placed three layers of ribbon around the center of each level, covering the fishing line. I pinned the ribbon in the back using quilting pins and then covering with floral pieces. I then added the pearl designs around the bases of the cakes, you will need wire cutters to adjust the length and shorten. I then tastefully began placing the flowers, if you need a little hot glue to affix the items, that is okay and recommended. Next, I placed my whimsical woodlands figurines in areas all around the cake. I accented them with Swarovski crystals, along with the ribbon. 


Use your imagination and  create!

Not the crafting type? Contact me for details and pricing.

Every diaper cake I design is custom, let me know your theme, desires, boy, girl or anonymous and I can create a one of a kind showstopper for your next baby shower!

Share your comments, questions & photos below!

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