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Ambiance was everything...



My first dining blog!

Fortunately, I find myself indulging in some of the best restaurants around. Thanks to the boyfriend's obsession with Eater, we are often happily dining. I am here to share my experiences with you, good or bad! I'll be sure to stimulate your senses with the best representations. 

Until you dive in yourself...


 Rose Cafe & Restaurant offers multiple seating areas: inside dining room, outside patios and even a beer garden. The artsy decor and simple open design were refreshing. There were fresh flowers and hanging plants throughout the entire space. We were seated in the back patio area and were able to take advantage of a warm sunny day. This is a perfect place for a casual lunch date, with inviting service. The ambiance receives five stars from me!

 I started off with a fresh pressed juice consisting of beets, ginger, pomegranate, mint and orange. Healthy and delicious! We then had the yellowtail sashimi appetizer; citrus vinaigrette, candied citron and parsnip chip. If you like sweet things and seafood, this is the sashimi for you. I know it sounds crazy but my first response was, "this tastes like a lemon cupcake." Definitely a twist on any sashimi I've tasted before, but it was definitely fresh! I then ordered the backyard burger, my main course consisted of smoked cheddar, pickles (tasted house made,) tomato, market greens, caramelized onion and "special sauce". I subsituted the bun for greens, because I practice being gluten-free. The burger wasn't heavy at all, it tasted fresh and clean, my favorite part were those pickles. 




We finished off our meals with  cappuccinos. Would you look at that sweet little piglet design? I felt right at home, on the farm that is! I would recommend this restaurant for a causal lunch date. As I said before, the ambiance was inviting, tasteful and the food was pleasant.






220 Rose Ave, 

Venice, CA 


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