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This jacket is everything and you can have one too! "We Cum in Peace"


This season, designers took a similar approach in  producing edgy, patchwork jackets. From YSL to Gucci, they surely seem to be in high demand, but the price tag is a problem and do you really want the same exact jacket as everyone else? I've fallen in love with many designs this year, while window-shopping, this particular style has become quite popular. Lucky for me and maybe you too, I was gifted this amazing jacket from my boyfriend. His good friend Magdalena Hussain, creates these one of a kind designs. She is extremely talented, piecing together every little stich in her creations. Her imagination is witty and creative from every sequin, bead and crystal she stitches by hand. If that isn't enough, she also hand paints the pieces, meanwhile being a supermodel. 


I have gotten so many people inquiring where I purchased my jacket. Not that I am surprised, the intricate, witty designs, are a head turner. She has a few more currently in the works and as more become available I will post them. The two currently available are photographed below. One is similar to mine, because I had that one first, but it fit like an XS, so I had one remade. I loved the design so much I got a retake, although, some of the details are different. Generally she never recreates the same designs. 


My denim jeans are made by DIESEL and are now on sale! They are stretchy, comfortable, and have small distressed holes in the thighs. Black denim is an key closet staple to any wardrobe.  I am also wearing Kori Cutout Leather Alexander Wang boots, available at Saks Fifth Avenue. Sign up for emails and receive 10% off your first purchase.


If you are interested in your own jacket, simply  send me an inquiry. Magdalena crafts, leather, vegan leather & denim. If you have your own jacket already and you'd prefer having it designed, versus one of hers, that is also an option. 

Stay Fashionable Ladies! 

Photography by: Donnie Madden

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