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My life is precisely that in one line, well one of the lines... I was raised in the sticks but always strove to venture out. I have been interested in fashion and modeling, since I was little. Well, if we look back through the home videos, guess whose always jumping in the shots and popping up in the videos. Drawn to the camera back when I was a tiny tyrant, to now continuing modeling for pleasure. These blogs I create, are looks that I love and portrays my personal style. I like to dress it up and dress it down, you can wear your pretty little things anywhere, anytime! I've always been that girl, with tags on her clothes sitting in the closet because I had purchased something in the hopes of wearing it to a special occasion. Until, I finally realized there doesn't have to be an occasion to be fashionable. Don't be shy, style yourself in any way you want to be represented, anytime. You're wearing heels in the sticks and a lace dress, in the middle of a causal day? Yes, because this is what my life looks like. If anyone ever tells you your doing too much, they may just be doing less. Something to ponder on, we've got one life to live, may as well do it fashionably and as YOU like!

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The Dress

I am wearing a For Love & Lemons, La Bella Midi Dress. Jaime King partnered with For Love & Lemons to present this beautiful, flirty line. Check out my recent blog regarding, their pop-up shop in LA and how you can receive 10% of your first purchase. Or that is, however many emails you decide is going to be your first time... 

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The Shoes

I styled this dress with a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, I do not believe these are in stores anymore, BUT they just came out with a similar pair. The new pair is much more casual, summer sandal feeling, which is perfect, Spring is upon us! "Amazoudur" is a contemporary look with ancient undertones. Designed on a new, wider sandal last, this sculpted black suede style scales the lower leg, tying above the ankle. Featuring signature spike detail lace hooks, this pair is finished with an 85mm stacked heel.

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Add a leather or denim jacket to pair with this look, you can even throw on a pair of sneakers! The denim jacket I am wearing is made by BLANK NYC. 


Send me your style preferences, comment in the box below. 

Photography by: Donnie Madden

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