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Hey, it's Brooke. 


       I was born and raised in Northern California, a small town country girl at heart. You wouldn't believe it, but I grew up having every barn animal you could think of, playing in the sticks and mud for fun. I am now a grown woman constantly commuting to both ends of the state following my many endeavors. Don't get me wrong, I still have miniature goats! I love to live what I call, two separate worlds, country & city, while staying true to my roots. Through my singing & modeling career I have been fortunate enough to venture out of my hometown and begin to discover the world and all it has to offer. I am a total spazz yet some people call me wonder woman. I enjoy doing it all and somehow don’t run out of energy, more – more - more! On a casual week you will find me practicing my fine addiction I like to call a shopaholic, meanwhile baking, cooking, crafting, designing and singing. I continuously have requests to share my recipes, designs, fashion, music & travels, so I have created this space as a place to share them! I have a passion for an extraordinary life & I am inspired to create & share. 


Downtown, LA - For Love & Lemons

Downtown, LA - For Love & Lemons





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